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I love watching porn, I mean who doesn’t? Enjoying beautiful women and their sexuality is just about my favorite pastime in any form. But one thing that has always irked me is how women in porn and women in real life seem nothing alike.

When I have been with a partner and we are having a great time of it, she’s clearly enjoying herself. There are times when she’s really getting into it and panting and moaning, sure. But there’s also a playfulness about it where she’s smiling and sometimes even giggling as we explore one another’s bodies. But in pornos, they often depict women as these moaning and screaming sex monsters and it’s just not realistic.

When I discovered I could get a discount for 68% off at Ersties, I was intrigued. This female-friendly porn site made me wonder what the difference would be. It’s produced by women but shows solo girls, lesbian sex, and even hardcore. The difference is, they do it while making it real. And I hate to admit it, but it seems porn is just another thing women are better at than men!

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